By Victoria

July 6, 2015

A New Mode

A New Mode is a blog/forum on dating tips & relationship advice for women. The site also talks about fashion, beauty, & lifestyle aimed at empowering women.

It is founded by fashion & beauty writer, Sabrina Alexis, & relationship expert/web concept creator Eric Charles. Sabrina offers advice as a style guru & Eric is a relationship advice contributor in articles. But the two don't always write about what they specialize in. Sabrina also writes on dating/relationship advice & Eric writes in "Ask A Guy" articles for a man's perspective of things.

I found A New Mode when I was trying to solve relationship problems of my own. I find reading relationship advice to really help when you are having problems in a relationship. Not only do you find someone out there with a similar story and problem to yours, you learn about different solutions to solving them. Some you may have never even thought of. & most importantly you can learn about different points of views.

It's always good to take a different perspective on your relationship troubles. Sorta like being "meta" and thinking outside of your relationship. It allows you to look at things clearly and less biased. Although there will be times where you & your partner may not agree on things, you still need to try to understand why they see things the way they do. If you cannot understand why your partner is feeling a certain way with an issue, you won't be able to solve the situation.

Eric Charles is actually a personal favorite writer of mine. He is the one that helped me put into perspective that getting over someone or finding someone new shouldn't be my goal. Happiness should be my goal. This inspired a new way of thinking for me.

I can guarantee that you will find a voice here that is going exactly through what you are going through. Check out their website & I hope you too can be inspired with a more positive outlook on things:

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