By Victoria

July 4, 2015

DIY Headboard

I'm really interested in interior design & before I moved into my college dorm, I went Pinterest crazy on how to decorate your dorm. I found that having a headboard for a bed really adds character & even sophistication to a room. Being a first time college kid I knew I needed to save up money for textbooks & my savings so I thought of ways to make a headboard for cheap. Here I'll show you how you too can make your own fabulous headboard.

-Staple gun

For the material of the headboard, you want something sturdy that can lean against a wall without bending. I used cardboard for my headboard (I just bought a trifold poster from Walmart), but you can also buy plywood from a home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowe's. Plywood will be more expensive and I didn't have any problem using cardboard.

You will need to know what size headboard you want for your bed. It is usually recommended for the headboard's width to be 3 inches longer than the mattress's width.

-For a king size bed I recommend 83 x 46 inches
-For a queen/full size bed I recommend 58 x 38 inches
-For a twin size bed I recommend 41 x 36 inches

If you want to make an intricate shape for your headboard, I suggest making the height taller so you have more room to cut around with. When purchasing your batting and fabric, add 4 more inches to your dimensions, because you will be wrapping it around the headboard. 

After you have obtained your piece of cardboard, trace out the shape you want. Be very careful on making sure that both sides of your headboard's design is symmetrical. I used a bowl to trace a curve on one side and marked where I placed it. I then measured how I far apart my markings were and used the same bowl on the other side. I used the measurements of my markings to know exactly where to place by bowl.

Once you have the shape you want, you can now cut it! I didn't have a box cutter at the time so I just used scissors (not recommended as it was really hard to so haha). Don't worry too much about the edges being rough and imperfect. The fabric wrapped around it will cover it.

After you have cut out your headboard, you now want to wrap it with batting. Batting is a cotton wadding prepared in sheets that is used for stuffing quilts. This is used to give your headboard more volume, have it not seem flat, and give it a "stuffed" look. Also it makes your headboard more soft and poofy to touch. Note that you may have to make some snips/cuts in the batting in some areas to fit the curves of your headboard's design. Turn your headboard to it its back and fold down the excess batting. Use a staple gun to staple down the excess batting on the back. I stapled along the edges as well as the middle of the excess batting just to make sure it was extra secured.

Voila. & now to the very last part: Wrapping your fabric around the batting. You will be following the same steps as you did when wrapping the batting. Turn your headboard over and use your staple gun to staple down the fabric.

Here is my final masterpiece

Disclaimer: The reason why my trifold poster has duct-tape around it is because I doubled up on the cardboard to make it more sturdy and thick. I just wrapped duct-tape all over to stick two trifold posters together. I don't recommend this, because it became hard for the staples to shoot through since my headboard was so thick. If you want your headboard thicker, just double up on the batting. 

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