By Victoria

July 12, 2015


Models: Attract Women Through Honesty is a "pick up" book by Mark Mason. It runs around $12 on Amazon. 

What makes Models different than other pick up books is that it doesn't teach men to become more alluring to women with tricks, tactics, games, techniques, lies, or having them become something they're not. It teaches men to attract women through self-development & most of all, being happy with themselves. Because when you are a happy & confident with yourself, this is what radiates & attracts women. 

Mark Mason states that Models focuses on the emotional process of seduction rather than deciphering logical steps. It helps you understand women & yourself. "Its goal is to create powerful connections with women instead of trying to impress them. It’s the most mature & honest guide on how a man can attract women without faking behavior & manipulating others." It tells you that you don't need to act like an attractive man, it teaches you that you can be an attractive man. 

Models opens up with a quote from Sigmund Freud: "The great question that has never been answered & which I have not yet been able to answer despite my thirty years into research into the feminine soul is, what do women want?" Manson admits that there is no clear cut model on what drives female attraction yet, because it's different for every woman. But he offers you his theories based on his research & experience. 

Models guides you from the very start. It's split into five parts: Reality, Strategy, Honest Living, Honest Action, & Honest Communication. It tells you how & when to meet a woman to all the way to getting in a relationship you want with her at the same time teaching you healthy habits to accomplish all this. Models also teaches you that it's okay to be vulnerable & get rejected. That's a normal part of life. How we handle & move on from it is what sets us on the road to getting where we want to be. The most important aspect of this book is not being able to get a woman after reading this, but the mindset & attitude it advocates: Expressing yourself honestly to attract not only the woman you want, but the life you want.

Now why do I recommend this since I'm not a guy? As a woman, Models really does help in understanding the mindset of a guy to me. & the best thing to do in a relationship is understand your partner, not conform & be submissive to them. You want to be independent of them, but still be able to work together. I know that in a relationship, you tend to go to your significant other for everything. They can become the only person you even talk or hangout with. This causes you to basically lose who you are. If you are in a relationship, read this book with your partner. It will help with not only understanding each other, but yourself as well. Models is also a good book for women to read, because the advice offered in it doesn't just apply to men. Honest living is a way anyone can live life happier. 

& best of all Mark Mason has his own website where he blogs. You'll learn he can be pretty funny & sarcastic, but he still manages to do what most people don't: Talk about reality, the truth. Not fantasies we want to become true. He blogs about four main topics: Happiness, Self Knowledge, Habits, & Relationships. Also when you subscribe to his emails, you can get a free copy of one of his eBooks! I hate subscirbing to stuff (& I mean hate... I'm actually really crazy when it comes to having multiple accounts for things), but this is definitely worth it!  So after reading Models, you can continue to still learn at

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