By Victoria

July 12, 2015

Tiny Buddha


Tiny Buddha is a blog & forum that focuses on themes such as kindness, compassion, living life to the fullest, finding your purpose, & pursuing your dreams.

It is ran by Lori Deschene, who has been studying personal & spiritrual growth for over a decade. She is also the author of:

-Tiny Buddha, Simple Wisdom for Life's Hard Questions
-Time Wisdom eBook Series
-Tiny Buddha's Guide To Loving Yourself: 40 Ways To Transform Your Inner Critic And Your Life

You will find posts that range from happiness, motivation, inspiration, love, relationships, meaning, possibilities, mindfulness, & letting go. Although Tiny Buddha focuses on some ideas of Buddhism, it is not at all about religion. "It’s about ideas that make sense & make a big difference when applied." Remember no matter how many things you listen to & read about, only through action can you completely solve your problems. But don't worry, Tiny Buddha's advice motivates you to actually change your life, not just wish to change it.

I found Tiny Buddha when I was struggling with internal problems of my own. What attracted me the most to Tiny Buddha was that although there is a huge diversity of topics, everything leads to one solution really: Doing what makes you happy to get where you want in your life. Deschene's 10 steps to letting go inspired me so much that I even wrote on how I used those steps to relate towards my situation.

I love Tiny Buddha & have never seen a blog filled with such support & positivity. When ever your mind is falling into a state of sadness, Tiny Buddha is a good source to help bring you back into the moment & realize that a moment of sadness is nothing compared to a day of happiness. No matter what topic is being discussed on Tiny Buddha, a main objective for everything is solving things in a healthy manner. In order to reach true happiness, you have to reach it on a path that's not filled with something you will regret or be bitter about.

Tiny Buddha offers advice for your best interest. If you are going through something & need help, there is someone on Tiny Buddha who understands & is going through it too. I recommend this site for whenever you need a little pick me up/positivity to help you get through whatever problem you are going through, small or large.

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