By Victoria

August 14, 2015

How To Make A Chalkboard Frame

I've been super busy interior designing my apartment for this upcoming school year. Purchasing a lot of decor can be expensive so I've found yet another way to decorate my place for cheap!

My roommates & I wanted to have a chalkboard or whiteboard in the entrance of our apartment. This is a wonderful idea for those sharing roommates in an apartment, because it allows you to keep up with your roomies for things on the fly. You can write down house rules, grocery lists, short messages, & keep up with whose turn it is to do this or that. We chose to have a chalkboard instead of a whiteboard since cute chalkboard art is trending. Plus there's just something about the chalkboard frame style that screams classy & vintage. 

Here I'll show you how you can easily make a chalkboard frame made out of cardboard all by yourself. 

-Chalkboard paint
-Spray paint of your choice
-Paint brush
-Paint roller
-Modge Podge

Although you can use any frame you want, I purchased mine from my local Goodwill store. It was a 26x22 inch frame for only $5. Talk about a killer deal. You don't need to worry about the color of the frame or the picture inside it since you'll be changing it anyways.

Open up your frame and discard its glass appropiately. Like most picture frames, mine came with cardboard behind it's picture already. This was great because I didn't have to find cardboard & cut it down to the size of the frame. If your frame does not come with cardboard, you can find some at a clothing retail store (clothes are shipped in all the time to stock up on inventory & sales associates are quick to recycle the boxes) or simply purchase a poster board. Measure the back of your frame to where the cardboard will be. You do not want to use the front of the frame because that side includes the frame's borders. Trace & cut your cardboard accordingly.

Paint one side of your cardboard with chalkboard paint using a paint roller. You want to paint two coats over it. Paint the first coat horizontally then the second vertically. Make sure you give ample time between each coat for the paint to dry.

While the chalkboard paint is drying, you can start working on your frame. Spray paint your frame to the color of your choice.

Once your frame is dry, seal the paint with Modge Podge to prevent scratches & color from fading.

Insert your newly cardboard chalkboard.

You need to season your chalkboard with chalk to prevent writing from being burned on the surface. To do this, just rub a piece of chalk over your chalkboard and wipe clean.

& you're done! To extend the life of your chalkboard, erase with a dry wipe since it's cardboard being used. I can't wait to see how this will look in my new apartment. Pictures of my apartment will be coming soon. 

Title image via Andrew Dawes
Eighth picture via The Funky Junk Shop

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