By Victoria

August 17, 2015

Touch Of Modern

If you're a modern savvy person like me, then this post is definitely for you. Touch Of Modern is a members only flash sale website where you can purchase items focused on a clean modern design. It was created by Dennis Liu, Jonathan Wu, Steven Ou, & Jerry Hum in 2010 & has since then attracted thousands of members. Items on here vary from clothes, accessories, preowned luxury watches, tools, grooming, technology, to art & much more. Touch Of Modern also has a separate tab on its site labeled Dapperman which is solely focused on men's clothing.

What makes Touch Of Modern different is that the company emphasizes on extraordinary design in the things you don't find everyday. & when I say their products include things you don't find everyday, I really mean it. Touch Of Modern adds at least five new items to their site daily. There's always something new & interesting to be found on here. By connecting directly with the designers, Touch Of Moderns hand picks products they truly think are unique for their costumers. & they do it at unbeatable members-only pricing. 

One of the products they have had listed was the Power Cube, a cube with an outlet on each side. I was literally mind blown when I saw this product & thought to myself, why didn't I think of that! It saves so much more space & clutter than a power strip. 

Just looking at their products makes me go, ooooh so cool. Here's a glimpse at some of today's sales so you can understand what I mean.

This is a great place to find gifts, knick knacks, & cool gadgets to give. Warning ladies, Touch Of Modern does focus more on items for men, but you can still find useful things on here too! Become a member & discover something new everyday.

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