By Victoria

September 10, 2015

Light Up The Night

This semester's theme for my sorority's fall rush/recruitment was "Light Up The Night!" Think of big city lights and summer time fun with sparklers. How cute is that? Our fall pledge mom is Vicky Ho, a senior majoring in Business. This will be her last year at Texas A&M and all the sisters wanted to make sure that for her last year and for her time as pledge mom, everything goes just how she wants.

We went out to a local lake and park near our university and decided to take rush pictures there. Sparklers and scenic views seemed more "homey" than doing the whole big city lights. Vicky is definitely more of a relaxed laid back type of girl and this fit her perfectly.

We came to the park around evening and didn't leave until nightfall. This allowed us to take pictures in a variety of lighting. Outfits consisted of light colored flowy dresses and shirts. We wanted to maintain a free spirited vibe for the whole look. Having a prop for a photoshoot allows more interaction in the pictures. You don't want something to distract the viewer from the main objective, but to add interest in it instead. The sparklers were a fun touch for the photoshoot & allowed our shots to be more lively. Handling them also gave us more poses than your basic "look at the camera and smile."

A lot of girls were a little scared holding the sparklers so close to their face. I remember feeling the heat of the sparklers and seeing it spurt out all those sparks. It never burned me though and I realized that as long as I had control of the sparkler, it wasn't going to hurt me. Always use caution when handling them though. Below are some of the individual shots of me and my sisters!

My eyes unfortunately are mid blinking in this shot, but I still liked it as a whole anyways. This picture was a real pain to take. We traveled deep into some of the woods & a lot of branches poked me. I even got some tree sap in my hair that made it sticky. You wouldn't be able to tell all that from this picture though haha!

This is actually my one & only beautiful big. Her shots were taken during nightfall. This gave her photos more of a sexy and mysterious feel even with our cheesy theme. 

I love this shot because of the water in the background. When it comes to locations for photoshoots, it's important to consider places that have more than one backdrop. This allows a lot of variety without having to travel! Putting the slogan's theme & our sorority's logo on the pictures gives all the different pictures a uniformed touch. It's also a great way for advertising. 

I hope you like our theme. Can't wait to show you next semester's! 

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