By Victoria

January 1, 2016

Channeling Kourtney Kardashian

I've been obssessed with this new look inspired by Kourtney Kardashian. Love or hate the Kardashian family, you have to admit, they can be pretty funny and have great taste when it comes to fashion.

Kourtney has been spotted lately with a signature look this winter: Over the knee/thigh high boots paired with a cozy sweater. It's a feminine sexy look yet with a twist of street style in it. & believe it or not, if you're use to wearing heels, it can be pretty damn comfortable! Who likes wearing pants anyways?

I've taken this look & have turned it into my own. I found my own pair of chic thigh high boots at Forever 21. Make sure that your boots go over your knees so they're long enough to balance out your outfit instead of making it look weird that you don't have any pants showing. I chose a classic black color for my boots, because everyone knows black goes with anything. I also always wear a pair of black short shorts underneath just to be safe haha.

For this first look, I'm pairing my boots with an oversized knit sweater. The key to this outfit is having the shirt/sweater be a bit too big for you so you can wear it as if it was shirt-dress. 

You can even pair the same boots with a dark plaid button up for a more edgy look. Easy change of outfit if you're going out at night. 

Same shoes, two very different outfits. 
Below are links to the exact tops that I am wearing above.

Iconic v-neck sweater from Hollister Co.: This ultra soft sweater runs large so it's the perfect sweater to be all cozy & comfortable in. Pairing it with some thigh high boots just adds some glam and makes this lazy sweater not so lazy anymore. 

Plaid button up shirt from Charlotte Russe: Made of lightweight woven fabric, this plaid shirt is super soft. Buy a size larger than you normally wear to turn it into a cute shirt-dress like I did above! 

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