By Victoria

April 5, 2016

USpicy Makeup Brush Set (32 pc)

I've started to take makeup more seriously & decided that I wanted to practice a little bit more professionally. In order to apply makeup well though, you need a good set of makeup brushes. You can have the best makeup product out there, but if your makeup brushes are whack, they're not going to allow you to apply the product on your face as it should.

Professional makeup brushes are highly expensive. & because I am only a beginner, I didn't want to invest in such expensive brand name brushes such as Morphe or MAC. I decided to look & shop around on Amazon. 

I wanted an all black makeup brush set with white tips. Black is my favorite color & something I consider classic. It's a color I know I could never get tired of. White tips on my brushes also allows me to see how much product I am getting on my brushes more easily. I'm a bit OCD & just felt like these are also the most aesthetically pleasing colors anyways. 

After hours of searching and reading a million reviews, I finally decided on the brand USpicy.

It has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon out of 524 reviews. The reviews are also recent which shows the brushes are still in good standing. I bought the 32 black brush set for roughly $20. 32 standard makeup brushes for that price is definitely a steal. A professional makeup brush set this size usually runs more than $200. Below are some pictures of their advertisement & the specific brushes included in the set.

When I first opened the packaging, I noticed right away that it had a very strong chemical smell to it. To me this wasn't a big deal since the brushes were so cheap. After about a few days though, the smell faded away. I made sure to keep the brushes open in the makeup pouch that it came with in order to air it out quicker. Each of the brushes has its brand name USpicy written at the end along with a brush number on it in silver. 

This is the foldable makeup pouch that came with the brushes. I absolutely love it. For $20, I could have gotten no pouch at all or a simple black one, but USpicy provided the brushes with this faux crocodile leather one. The faux leather matieral also makes it super easy to clean if makeup or water gets on it. When you fold the pouch, you simply tie it with the strings attached on the sides. 

When I unfolded the pouch, all the large brushes came with plastic covers over them (not pictured). The brushes were mostly lined up from smallest to largest with the large fan brush at the very end.

Brush #32 is a large fan brush that I use to apply my bronzer. 

Brushes #27-#31 are large face brushes. They're used for applying face products such as blush and powder. #27 is the only large angled brush. This type of brush is used for contouring.

#31 is the largest of the face brushes and the one I use to powder and set my makeup. I absolutely love these face brushes. The bristles are so nice and super soft. One of the softest brushes I've owned in fact. & It not only feels good against my skin, but it picks up and applies product on really well!

Brushes #21-#26 are concealer brushes. #23-#26 being the larger set. These are flat smooth brushes. They are not fluffy and work best applying concealer, but can be used to apply eyeshadow. This type of brush is okay for applying shades on your lids, but since they're not fluffy they won't do anything to help you with blending. Sadly this set didn't come with any blending or crease brush for eyeshadows. 

I use the larger set for applying concealer since I don't wear foundation and the smaller set to either apply concealer in tiny places or to apply a base shade on my lid. 

Brushes #16-#20 include small brushes for eyeshadows. I don't use these brushes that much, but quality wise like the other brushes, their bristles are just as nice & soft. 

Brushes #10-#15 include small flat & angled brushes as well as baby flat brushes. The angled brushes are good for applying eyeliner on top. I use the flat brush to either apply eyeliner on my bottom lash line or to smoke out my bottom lash line. 

Brush #12 is an angled flat brush that is similar to Anastasia Beverly Hill's brush #15. I haven't ran into any problems with these brushes and would expect it to work just as fine for eyebrows! 

Brushes #8-#14 include a sponge and lip brushes. I only use sponge brushes when I need to heavily apply a shade on my eyelid. I find sponge brushes better for this job then fluffy ones, because fluffier brushes tend to blend out the color losing it saturation. 

Brush #3 is a small fan brush. This is actually my favorite brush and the reason why I chose to buy this set. I was looking for a makeup brush set that specifically had a small fan brush. This type of brush is used for highlighting which is all the rave right now & I wanted to make sure I had the right brush for my highlighter. It's so cute & small & of course does its job.

Brush #1 is an eyebrow brush tool & brush #2 can be used for either eyebrows or eyelashes. 

& now to the review of these brushes overall. 

I think these are perfect if you want a beginners set of professional brushes. There's such a large variety of brushes that you can use for different makeovers & parts of your face. All the bristles are incredibly soft. They apply a good amount of product that's needed & feels great against your skin. The brushes are each roughly the same size and around 8 inches. It's a standard size for makeup brushes & easy to use/apply. Best of all, I haven't experienced any shedding with these brushes. I've had these brushes for about 3 months now. I wash them at least every other week and I haven't noticed any strand fall out. Also when they brushes are wet, they dry as normal. They don't take longer to dry nor do they seem to ruin/deteriorate. 

To be fair my higher end concealer/flat brush applies better than these, but what can you expect from a set that costs $20? That's why I rate these brushes a 10/10 and recommend to anyone who needs a new set & doesn't want to spend hundreds of dollars. I am not a professional MUA & because I don't wear makeup everyday or apply it on to someone daily, I have no need for an expensive brand. If you want the best quality of course and will be using makeup brushes more often then that's when you should consider saving for a higher set. But if you're like me and just beginning to get into the side of professional makeup, then this is a great starter kit for you. Plus the foldable pouch makes everything easy for on the go & travel! 

If you're interested in this makeup brush set by USpicy, just click here 


  1. WoW! This is a huge collection of makeup brushes an all of this brushes looks beautiful. I believe makeup is an important part of women's life and a perfect makeup brush gives a great finishing. That's why I love to use perfect makeup brush for my makeups & my Liquid Matte Lipstick for my lip.

  2. Great post! And that's such a great deal for so much variety! I was actually looking for a good set of brushes on amazon since I need some face brushes and that I've also been using mainly my fingers to apply my foundation... So I will definitely look more into this brand.


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