By Victoria

November 29, 2016


Here's a sneak peek of what's been keeping me so busy throughout this semester. Fall semester is ending & my event planning portfolio is due soon. My professor & I had a discussion about how great it would be to combine my event planning portfolio with the other things I am passionate about. I've decided to make it my entire art portfolio where it will consist of all my event planning projects, paintings, & portraits. My professor is on the event planning board at my university & she said this will be perfectly fine to submit for the certificate so I don't have to worry about it not focusing solely on events.

I feel proud of myself for finally (almost) finishing everything. For the past few months I've had to commute from my hometown back to college frequently because of my internship. On top of that I still had work, school, and all the organizations I am a part of to focus on as well. It's been a pretty stressful and packed year, but it's been worth it.

You can grow so much more in a few months than you ever had in a year especially when you learn to open up your mind to it. I've grown as a person but I've also grown as an artist. I never took my paintings seriously. It was just something I did for fun. I'm now trying to experiment with different textures & styles while I paint. A lot of times I'm surprised by my end product. I'm realizing more that I am now painting as I feel. Everything just flows & I'm not focused on creating an exact image in my head anymore. I've also finally built up the courage & submitted two pieces to be chosen to be published at my university. My book is also coming along nicely. Hopefully I'll have this finished by the end of winter.

I'll update again soon, but next time with my art portfolio live and a few more glimpses at the portraits done with my friend Jennifer Nguyen!

Portfolio cover

Acrylic on cotton canvas. Dimensions: 6.75 x 12

Here are just a few pictures from the session I had with Jennifer. I want to give a huge special thanks to my dear friend for helping, taking, & working on these for me for literally two months. I went through several photographer friends & I chose Jennifer, because I wanted to experiment with something new. I wanted in a sense to go out of bounds in an area & explore with someone new as well. I had a vision & she helped create them to life. I wanted this certain lighting/preset for the vibe I was aiming to achieve. Although I am not satisfied with my part, I definitely am with her. These portraits are something new I am becoming aqquainted with & will be having more projects in the future with her. To see more of Jennifer's work visit her website at


  1. I love all of your pictures. I really love all the photos by Jennifer, but I like your art work!! You are so talented

  2. This is just amazing. You're really are an inspiration and your work will be recognized.


  3. I like the aesthetic of the entire blog, I also really like how much thought you put into the posts and how high quality the photos are.


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