By Victoria

January 31, 2017


I love the beginning of every school semester, because this is when rush/recruitment season begins. & rush means rush photoshoots! Out of all the years that I have been active (which has been every year since I pledged) this semester has been my favorite theme so far. The theme was "You Know You Love Us, XOXO" from Gossip Girl. Instead of thinking like "preppy outfits," our outfit theme was sexy, dark & mauve colors, & a lot of strappy heels.

Being in Rho Delta Chi has definitely been a factor in increasing my confidence. I know that 3 years ago when I was a freshmen I would have never felt like I could wear the clothes that I own in my closet right now. My big, Michelle, was actually the first person to help me reach my potential & realize that I can make anything a look as long as I was confident in myself. She bought me this outfit that was really risqué & forced me to try it on. Since then I've been sure of myself that I can always rock an outfit no matter how ridiculous it may seem at first.

For this semester's rush outfit I paired a bustier with some ripped black skinny jeans, a nude blazer, and a simple black lace choker just to complete the look.

The lighting may be different in some pictures because we used natural lighting & the sun would come in & out. Photos were taken by our very own sister Mary R. and to take a look at our rush video for this semester just click this link!:


  1. I really like the lace top you have on! Very chic!

  2. An organization that can boost your confidence like this is an organization that you'll never forget; this outfit is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Your sense of style is definitely on point! This blog is so cute and helpful in looking for inspirations!!!

  4. The mustard yellow is paired so well with the black lace top!!


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