By Victoria

September 10, 2017

Become Part Of Our World

For my last fall semester as an active, we had our bi-annual sorority retreat in Galveston. It was nice to experience a retreat away from College Station & to have some fun on the beach. It was also my first retreat that I got to spend with my little, Vanessa, that I had just crossed the semester before! This semester's retreat was conveniently beach themed and titled "Become Part Of Our World."

When it comes to beach attire, I think of boho, florals, & a white, light blue, gray color palette. I wanted to keep my outfit simple, because I wanted to wrap myself in a scarf. This gave my look a more cozy vibe instead of a dramatic one which is what I'm usually use to. To keep up with the more cozy and casual vibe, I kept my outfit simple. I wore a plain white strapless crop-top and light washed high waisted shorts. To add a special touch to my look, I used a large scarf from Abercrombie & Fitch as my accessory. 

We had to wake up at 7AM in order to take pictures so that we were able to catch the sun rise and stay cool. With Texas weather during the summer, you do not want to be outside melting during a photoshoot when the sun's out. After out the photoshoot, we went over to an amusement park to end the day. Watch our recruitment video that we shot there:


  1. This is such a cute theme and outfit! I love the scarf and how you used it in the pictures. And the retreat sounds sooo fun!


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